What It’s Like to Be a 5-Year-Old

Ever experiment using your weaker hand to do things against its day-to-day vocation?   I remember getting a kick out of trying to brush my teeth with my left hand when I was younger – it was ridiculous how hard it was to perform such a simple task!  Well, these days I’ve been practicing writing with my left hand, and let’s just say I now know part of what it’s like to be a 5-year-old learning to write for the first time, something we tend to forget about.  The lack of coordination is shameful and rather humiliating.  The reason I’m putting myself through all of this trouble is because I am taking the advice of one of the faculty members at the recent Handwriting University conference.  He said that teaching yourself to be able to write with either hand stirs into action parts of your brain that are mushy and rarely used.  It increases your versatility, adaptability and mind-power…or so I’m told. :) I figure it’s worth trying – what have I got to lose?  Besides almost 20 years off my age by the look of my handwriting…


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