Handwriting Sample Instructions

This is for those of you who would like me to analyze your handwriting – they’re instructions as to what should be included in your sample for the best results in analysis.

For best results, the sample should be:

Written in cursive (even if you haven’t done this in years, the analysis will be much more accurate if you force yourself to connect letters)

Written in print (if you don’t normally write cursive, give me both cursive and print)

Signed (your signature also has a lot to say about you)

On unlined paper

Written in pen

At least a paragraph in length, if not two

Sample must include:

Your phone number and e-mail address

The fee we have agreed upon (checks are great, or cash if you hand-deliver it)

If you would like me to analyze other family members or friends, include those samples as well and the normal fee times however many samples you give me.  Even children’s writing is worth analyzing and can give a lot of insight into their personality, behavior, fears, defenses, and thinking patterns.  These things can be extremely helpful to know in school settings and elsewhere.

Here is a sample paragraph that has a good array of analyzable letters in it that you may start from if you like:

“My funny faces make playful dogs and monkeys laugh, and you and I notice that the chimp told jokes too.  I am [your name], and I want to be analyzed!  Welcome to my life.  Now go get to it!”

I’m looking forward to talking with you!!

All the best,



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