What Does Your Handwriting Say About You??

Hello all!

Having been recently certified in handwriting analysis, I’m itching to study some more samples and talk to people!  I normally charge $20 for a 20-minute phone conversation in which I tell you about your personality and explain what in your handwriting tipped me off…HOWEVER, to the first ten people who submit their writing after reading this post, I will charge only $15.  You may either mail a sample to me (please e-mail to get my home address) or attach a photo or scanned copy of it in an e-mail to me.  Please include your phone number so that I can give you a call in a timely manner.

Just to relieve any doubt about whether or not you should do it because you’re not quite on board with the whole handwriting analysis thing, let me say that if after our conversation you consider the analysis to be inaccurate, I will charge you nothing.  What have you got to lose?

All the best,


TraitTracks Handwriting Analysis



4 thoughts on “What Does Your Handwriting Say About You??

  1. Shilo Davis says:

    Allie–I have always wanted to see handwriting analysis in action and totally want to have you do one for me. Please send me your mailing address and I will send you a sample. Let me know the fee to include and also what sample you are wanting me to send–do you have a text you want me to copy out? Thank you!


  2. Bobbinoggin says:

    I’m curious. What does one learn from handwriting analysis? How can what one learns, benefit one’s self?

    Is the information that I might receive from having my handwriting analyzed, not information I already know about myself?

  3. Shilo Davis says:

    Hello Allie and interested newcomers!
    I couldn’t find a testimonial link so am leaving my comments on this page. Thank you, Allie for applying your talents to my handwriting sample. This is the first time having my handwriting analyzed and I was very impressed with what you learned from my sample. While I have learned most of your findings about me on my own it did show your accuracy. What I did learn is that I can change the neurological connections and retrain my pattern of thinking by changing certain hanwriting patterns and exercising new areas of my brain! What a valuable tool in understanding the human psyche. I can see this in application not just for personal knowledge but also in employer/employee relations and parent/child relations. This has a very practical potential and I encourage you to keep studying and bettering yourself in this field. I would also like to encourage others to consider having their own sample analyzed. I found Allie to be dedicated, sensitive and direct in her work and phone consultation. Blessings!

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