Realistic, Not Morbid – A Word from My Mother

My mom has this to say in regards to her daughter’s odd new business:

So when Allie told us she was interested in Handwriting Analysis, I admit I was pretty skeptical.  I have since become a believer!  I am amazed at the accuracy with which she is able to identify personality traits just from the formation of letters!  I love the official printed version she does that presents a ten-page, complete personality analysis including how you think, make judgments, express love, handle various situations, learn, etc.  This analysis really helps me to see myself, looking, not morbidly, but realistically, at the way others see me.  It also encourages me to look away from myself to others.  It gives me lots to chew on and consider, but grants a raw honesty that is in a way quite freeing as I look to Christ and how he would have me change and grow for His glory and the benefit of others.  Thanks, Allie, and may God bless your efforts!

Thanks for listening to me talk about handwriting all the time, Mom!!  Your support is hugely encouraging.

All the best,



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