Tracks of the Bulldog

More analysis of another interesting character: Winston Churchill!   Here are a few traits visible in this sample:

1. Steeple-shaped m’s and n’s – these indicate lightning-quick thinking ability and decision making.  This man was seriously intelligent.

2. I-dots that look like periods.  No slash, but firmly planted and round.  Churchill had a strong sense of loyalty to whatever group or idea to which he linked himself.

3. Notice how the y’s end or link up to the next letter by forming a v-shape to the right, rather than making their way left.  This reveals an aggressive nature.

4. Churchill enters his t’s and even l’s from above rather than from the baseline, which means that he prefers to be spoken to and dealt with in a direct manner.

5. The slant of Churchill’s writing leans toward the right.  He is expressive and highly motivated by his emotions and desires.

Thank you for reading!  Please respond with any comments or questions.

All the best,



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