‘Very Thought-Provoking’

This is a testimonial form a friend whose handwriting I analyzed about a week and a half ago.  Thank you very much, Rachel!

I had a lot of fun listening to Allie tell me about my different personality traits based on what she saw in my handwriting.  Most of what she said was right on, and my roommate, standing next to us, nodded her head in agreement the whole time!  I found it rather helpful, hugely encouraging, and very thought-provoking to have someone else elaborate on characteristics (some of which I knew about, and others that sounded right, but I hadn’t thought about) that define me, and explain how they all are evident in the way I cross my T’s, slant my handwriting, lift my pen, sign my name, etc.  The part I appreciated most was that Allie didn’t leave me with just “these are things about you that you can think about,” but instead, she offered suggestions on how I could try changing certain details in my handwriting to affect different facets of how I live life.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like your handwriting analyzed by an expert!

All the best,



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