Analyze My Face

As if handwriting weren’t enough, now I’m finding out that even your own FACE features your personality traits!  I tell you, what an amazing God.  The fact that your handwriting, your face, your language patterns and so much more give away your true self constantly is quite simply incredible.

I first heard about face reading at the handwriting conference where I became certified as an analyst in August.  There was a man on the faculty there who knew something about everything, and one of those somethings was face reading.  As soon as he claimed to have this skill, I demanded (nicely), “Analyze my face!”  And he did.  Wow!  There was no doubt he knew what he was talking about.  From the thickness of my eyebrows to the height of my cheekbones, there was quite a lot to discover from a quick study of my features.

Yesterday I came across a fun test in which you answer questions regarding your face and get a free personality report!  It gives a good overview of some of the things you might find out about yourself and others from taking a gander at their nose, forehead, etc.  Click here to take the test.  Have fun!

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