‘An Incredibly Eerie Experience’

An acquaintance of mine, Lauren Wear, recently hired me to write a one-page summary of her personality as revealed by her handwriting.  She wrote a very helpful review, and it is below.  Thank you, Lauren!

Reading the short-version analysis of my handwriting was an incredibly eerie experience.  Though generally skeptical, I trusted Allie’s skill especially after she was recommended by Pastor Wilson.  But I did not expect the level of accuracy I received back from her.  It was spooky to know that my handwriting gave away all my deepest personality traits, ones that most people don’t even know about me – and this was all coming from someone who didn’t know me at all!  Though still completely bewildered as to how she could possibly have known so much about me from my handwriting, I certainly am a believer now.   I recommended Allie’s handwriting analysis to anyone who is curious about their personality!

To read more testimonials, click here, and for more posts on handwriting analysis in general, click here.

All the Best,



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