Get Your Giftalysis!

As the Christmas season approaches, we’re all trying to come up with that perfect gift for our father (infinitely difficult to buy for, isn’t he?), our mother (whom we always end up bestowing jewelry upon), our Uncle Bob (admit it, everyone has got an Uncle Bob), and our Aunt Agatha (okay, maybe that’s just Bertie Wooster).  Gifts are hard to choose, aren’t they??  That’s because we want them to be memorable, distinct, enjoyed, appreciated, and kept for a long time.  I have a solution…

You guessed it!  A personalized and professional handwriting analysis meets all of these criteria.  Your friends and family will be amazed and gratified by clear descriptions of their specific and unique personality traits, and they are bound to keep the analysis around for quite a while.  A friend recently hired me to analyze one of her former roommate’s writing and sent it to her as a surprise in a care package – what a great idea!  An analysis makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or whenever you feel like sharing something fun and and fascinating with someone close to you.

Gift prices range from $15-$75, depending on the extent of knowledge you’d like the analysis to reveal.  These prices are $10-$25 off of normal ones!  Below is a basic list of the analysis types, but I do custom as well if there’s something specific you’d like.

$100 $75- Comprehensive written analysis. 10-12 pages of personality traits named, explained, and interacting with one another to paint a detailed picture of the writer’s unique character.  Also includes grapho-therapy suggestions for unwanted traits (yes, you can change your personality by changing your handwriting!).

$65 $45 – Detailed verbal analysis. 40-or-so-minute conversation by phone or in person in which the writer and I can interact with all of the traits I see in the handwriting. This is almost the same as the one above, except that it’s not typed and permanent (hence, the significant drop in price).  I’d be happy to give grapho-therapy suggestions with this analysis as well, if that is wanted.

$25 $15 – One-page written analysis or 20-minute phone conversation.  If you’re interested in a basic overview of the  most prominent personality traits of individual, this is a good choice, as it’s inexpensive and concise.  The writer will get a paragraph on each of his/her most frequent traits (usually about 7-8 traits).

Gift analyses may be ordered in one of two ways: 1) Mail me a sample of the person’s handwriting you wish to be analyzed along with the appropriate payment and receive the analysis by mail or e-mail, or 2) Mail me payment and e-mail address only and receive a gift certificate via e-mail to wrap and put under the Christmas tree; recipients may take advantage of the analysis within the next six months.  The second option is best for verbal analyses.  For ‘best results’ sample instructions, e-mail me.

If you’re like me and racking your brain for unique gift ideas, you may want to consider a ‘giftalysis’!  E-mail me at for questions and orders.

All the best,



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