Lost in Translation…Very Lost

So, recently someone in Poland apparently found my analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien’s handwriting (click here to read it), appreciated it, and translated it (with some changes…do I approve? Not particularly, but oh well) into his own language on his Tolkien site.  This pleased me, and since people were commenting on his post, I wanted to read what they had to say.  But sadly the comments were in Polish.  I don’t know Polish.  I used Google Translate for the first time and was able to somewhat understand what was going on.  To get an idea of how rough the translator tool was, I tried an experiment today: I translated one of my recent blog posts from English to German, from German to Hindi, and from Hindi back into English.  This was the result:

You guessed it! Through personal and professional handwriting analysis meets these criteria. Your friends and family will be thrilled with their special and unique personality traits clearly happy with the details, and they are required to keep a time analysis. A friend recently introduced me to her former roommate writes analysis and in a care package sent to him as a surprise – what a great idea! An analysis Christmas is a great gift for birthdays, or whenever you have some fun and fascinating and share it with someone close to you feel like.

Gift prices range from $ 15 – $ 75 to the extent of knowledge that you would like to disclose the analysis depends on. Normally close to $ 25 – $ 10 These prices are! Below is a list of basic types of analysis, but I do custom if you want something specific.

$75 – comprehensive written analysis. Pages 10-12 of personality traits called, explained, and to communicate with one another author’s unique character, paint a detailed picture. The Grapho unwanted features (yes, your handwriting can change your personality!) Includes proposals for the therapy.

$45 – detailed verbal analysis. Phone or in person 40 or, where the author talks a few minutes I interact with all the features I see in manuscript. It’s almost the same as above, except that the type is not permanent (and therefore significant drop in prices) is. I like to suggest Grapho therapy with this analysis and, if it is desired.

$15 – a page written analysis or 20-minute phone call. The most prominent personality of the person you are interested in a basic overview, it is a good choice because it is cheap and short. Authors frequent trains (7-8 cars usually) a paragraph on each of the falls.

Gifts can be ordered analysis in two ways: 1) I am the person you pay with manuscript should be proper analysis of a sample and get to post or e-mail, or by 2 analysis) payment and e-mail me email address and an e-mail through a voucher for the wrap and put under the Christmas tree will receive, receiver analysis can take within the next six months. The second option is best for verbal analysis. “The best outcome” for testing instructions, e-mail me.

If you’re like me and unique gift ideas for racking your brain, you see a giftalysis want e-mail! For me to be questions and orders alliemichelle@gmail.com.

Best of all,


I hope this made you laugh.  Read the original (and actually intelligible) post here.

“Best of all,”



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