J. K. Rowling’s Handwriting

Since the second to last movie is coming out this weekend, I’ve had Harry Potter on my mind.  I thought it’d be fun to analyze his author’s handwriting, so here it is – handwriting analysis of J. K. Rowling:

Rowling’s handwriting is mainly straight up and down with a slight slant to the right.  People with this type of vertical slant are judgment-ruled and rarely get carried away by their emotions (except in occasions of high stress or anger).  You may not know what they are feeling much of the time because they usually keep their emotions hidden.  Since there are a few slight rightward slants as well, we can deduce that Rowling does show her emotions sometimes, and she has the ability to be sympathetic toward others.  This type of slant, coupled with Rowling’s smallish writing indicates that she has a rather introverted nature.

The ‘f’s and ‘g’s in Rowling’s handwriting are more like figure eights than normal copy-book versions of these letters.  This indicates fluidity in thought, movement and so on.  If she’s writing or speaking and goes off track, she will know how she got there and how to get back to her original point.  Her thoughts are connected.  For example, see ‘glasses’ in the first line, first sample.

Rowling possesses the gift of diplomacy, revealed by the fact that her ‘m’s begin taller than they end, with the second hump being shorter than the first much of the time.  People with this trait have the ability to approach even potentially sticky situations with tact and grace.  They are careful not to offend others. For example, see ‘Molly’ in the second sample.

Many of Rowling’s ‘y’s end in a straight down-stroke below the baseline.  This indicates both determination and independence.  Writers with this trait are determined to get the results they want and rely mainly on themselves to complete the job well.  It’s not that they don’t like or need other people, but they enjoy time alone and often prefer to not need anyone (or have anyone need them).  This can be a very helpful trait as it indicates a strong, independent person.  For example, see ‘Lucy’ in the second sample, as well as many ‘y’s in the first sample.

Rowling’s ‘t’s, ‘l’s, and ‘h’s at the beginning of words have no lead-in strokes, but begin above the baseline, going straight into the word.  This is a sign of directness.  When this trait shows up, we know that the writer wants to be spoken to and dealt with in a direct manner.  People who want to talk with Rowling need to get to the point quickly before she loses interest in what they are saying.  For example, see ‘have loved’ in the first line of the first sample.

Rowling dots her lower-case ‘i’s very close to the stems, indicating an attention to detail.  Rowling is observant; not much slips by her. For example, see ‘Charlie’ and ‘Dominique’ in the second sample, as well as the rest of the names with ‘i’s.

From Rowling’s signature, we may guess that she is self-confident.  The capital letters in her name are large and bold.  She has faith in her abilities and a healthy ego.

For handwriting analysis of more well-known figures, click here.  I’ll be adding more and more.  Please let me know if you’ve got a special request.  Next up: Mozart.  Stay tuned!

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