The Holiday You Didn’t Know Existed & The Classes Inspired By It

Hello and Happy New Year!

2011 should be full of new and useful experiences and learning, as I’m sure those of you with ‘New Year Resolutions’ will concur.  To this end, I’d like to invite anyone interested in people, personalities, effective communication, psychology, and/or bringing more fulfillment to their lives to the TraitTracks Handwriting Analysis classes I’ll be hosting beginning in January.

There will be a total of 8 classes spanning from mid-January to late April.  Each class easily stands on its own, and any that you attend will give you great insight into the thought processes, behaviors, and inner workings of yourself and others.  If you’re feeling ambitious, attendance of all 8 classes will give you a full overview of handwriting analysis and enable you to accurately and fluently analyze most any writing in Latin-based languages.  The dates and topics are below:

Jan. 15 – INTRODUCTION: Why Handwriting Analysis Works and What You Naturally Already Know About It

Jan. 29 – GENERAL BEHAVIOR: Clues to Emotional Expressiveness, Sociability & Decision-making

Feb. 12 – FEARS & DEFENSES: Unwanted Traits and How to Be Free of Them

Feb. 26 – COMMUNICATION & HONESTY: Clues to Secrecy, Talkativeness & Deception

March 12 – SUCCESS TRAITS: Valuable Traits and How to Incorporate Them

March 26 – INTELLIGENCE & THINKING STYLE: Guide to Quick, Methodical, and Muddled Thought Processes and How They Affect Behavior

April 9 – TRAIT STACKING: Putting Together the Pieces of a Personality

April 30 – RELATIONSHIPS & COMPATIBILITY: Interaction of Two Personalities

All classes will meet Saturdays 12:00-2:00pm at my home in Moscow, ID.  During a brief break between the two hours of instruction, we’ll enjoy refreshments and conversation before getting back to the handwriting fun.  It just so happens that the week of January 10 is National Handwriting Analysis Week, in honor of the birthday of John Hancock (12th of Feb.), famous for his prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence!  In recognition of his courage, leadership and memorable ‘John Hancock’, we’ll be kicking things off during National Handwriting Analysis Week on Jan. 15 with a discounted class.  Prices are below:

Intro Class Price: $15

Individual Class Price: $25 ($40 per couple)

Price for 4 Classes: $75 ($135 per couple)

Price for All 8 Classes: $150 ($280 per couple)

Since these classes will take place in my living room, space is somewhat limited. :) E-mail me at to secure your spot in the introductory class.  Even if you are unable to attend personally, please pass on this information to anyone who may be interested in enriching their understanding of people and personalities.

All the best,

Allie Bradley, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Graphotherapist


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