General Behavior: Clues to Emotional Expressiveness, Sociability & Decision-making

This Saturday, January 29, is the second in a series of Handwriting Analysis classes hosted and taught by yours truly!  Remember, each class easily stands on its own, so you can come to one, two…or all!  In any event, you’ll get valuable information that will enable you to understand yourself and others and communicate effectively with all types of people.

This week’s class is specifically on slant, size and weight of writing.  These elements enable analysts to determine important and fundamental things about the person holding the pen.  Things such as how expressive they are with their emotions, whether or not they are affectionate, how impetuous they are, how well they sympathize with others, etc.  Furthermore, we can tell if this person is social or prefers to be alone, or a little of both.  And this is only the beginning!

After learning how to discover the above traits, we’ll apply our knowledge to attendees’ handwriting (if they wish; no one’s forcing anyone to show their writing :)) and to the handwriting of such figures as Elvis Presley, Emily Dickinson & J.K. Rowling.

Class is in Moscow, ID, 12:00-2:00pm this coming Saturday, and the cost is $19.  Please consider joining us!  Email to save your spot.

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P.S. Click here to see the full schedule of classes and topics from now until April.

P.P.S. Attendees of any class receive coupons for substantial discounts on five different types of analyses!


5 More Handwriting Analysis Traits – Answers to Quiz #2

I hope you took the time to think through the questions on Quiz #2 here.  Below are the samples presented again, and the answers!  Five more handwriting analysis tips to help you understand yourself and others more fully.

1. Question:Who is feeling guilty and needs to hide something from public knowledge, left or right?

Answer: Right.  Those who feel guilty about a past action (or actions) will often “cover” their words or even their name by an ending stroke that swoops up and over, ending in a left-ward direction.  Some call this the “Catholic Stroke” since much of the time those who grew up in Catholicism retain strong feelings of guilt that shows up in their handwriting.

2. Question: Who is more irritated at the moment, left or right?

Answer: Left.  Those who are irritated at the moment or just have an irritable nature will often substitute small slashes in place of normal ‘i’ dots.  This is actually a very common trait – relax, everyone! :)

3. Question: Which ‘Jim’ doesn’t like himself, left or right?

Answer: Right.  Watch out for those who cross out their own name.  This is a sign of self-dislike and a warning of possible self-destruction of various forms.

4. Question: Who is more open-minded or a better listener, left or right?

Answer: Left.  When the middle zone letters such as ‘e’, ‘o’, and ‘a’ are open and rounded, you’ve got someone who listens well and is open to others’ opinions.  When these letters (especially ‘e’s) are instead retraced and completely closed, you may have a selective listener on your hands!

5. Question: Who is more stubborn and won’t budge, left or right?

Answer: Left. This was the least easy one to figure out by sight, but probably many of you guessed it anyway.  Stubbornness is a defense mechanism that shows up in handwriting when ‘d’s and/or ‘t’s look like upside-down ‘v’s.  These letters in the left-hand sample are braced, like someone standing with their legs spread in defiance.  Watch for this trait – it’s often very difficult to get this person to change his mind once it’s made up!  I would know…still working on eliminating it from my own handwriting. :)

Hope you enjoyed Quiz #2!  Let me know how you fared.

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Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

Reminder!  Next Saturday, January 15 is the first of eight Handwriting Analysis classes at my home.  This introductory class is packed full of traits you’ll learn to know and recognize in any handwriting you come across.  Specific strokes give you insight into the elements of someone’s character such as:









and many more!

This is only a tiny percentage of what handwriting reveals.  The more handwriting I see, the more I am amazed at the intricacy of God’s creation, especially in our brains and bodies.  In fact, He has made it so that not only does our handwriting mirror our brain, we also have the ability to reverse the process: when we change specific traits in our handwriting, our brains physically change as these habits are formed!  Simply incredible.  The act of forming new and better handwriting habits to clear out fears & defenses from our personality is called Graphotherapy, which we will also cover in the introductory class next Saturday.

Remember, each class easily stands alone, so you can attend one, two, three, or all eight and get a great education in this fascinating science.  The first class is discounted!  E-mail me at to reserve your spot for next week.  Here is the original post with the topics for each of the eight classes, as well as times and prices: Handwriting Analysis Classes.

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Handwriting Analysis Quiz #2

How do you know if someone is feeling guilty or needs to hide something?  Can you tell if they’re irritable or not?  Are they stubborn and unmovable?  Handwriting tells all!  Try to spot these traits and a couple of others in the quiz below.  Comment with your answers, and I’ll reveal the right ones soon.  Chances are, you’ll get them all correct!  Just use common sense, and you’ll be good.

1. Who is feeling guilty and needs to hide something from public knowledge, left or right?

2. Who is more irritated at the moment, left or right?

3. Which ‘Jim’ doesn’t like himself, left or right?

4. Who is more open-minded or a better listener, left or right?

5. Who is more stubborn and won’t budge, left or right?

Good luck!  Check back shortly for answers and explanations.

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Five Handwriting Traits – Quiz Answers!

So, yesterday I posted a short handwriting analysis quiz, and you may have found that you knew more about this science than you thought!  Many of the traits found in a person’s writing make a lot of sense and aren’t that hard to get your mind around.  For example, here are the answers from yesterday:

1. Left – Optimism is shown by writing that slants upward. This makes sense because when we describe the state of happiness we often use words and phrases that express “up-ness” such as “high-spirited”, “floating”, “jumping with joy”, “in 7th heaven” or “flying”.  On the flip side, pessimism or depression is described as “feeling down in the dumps” and similar phrases.  It’s only natural that our handwriting mirrors our mental or emotional state.

2. Right – Large capital letters (especially in your signature) show confidence.  Again, having your letters reach ‘high’ is often indicative of high self-esteem, whereas small or even lower-case initials usually indicate someone with suffering self-respect.  Make sure to look at the rest of the writing to back this up though.  Signatures are our “badge to the world” and do not always reveal our true selves.

3. Right – Extended and slightly upward strokes at the ends of words equal a generous nature.  Think of the left ‘e’ in the picture as a hand grasping things toward itself.  The right-hand ‘e’, however, looks like a hand reaching out and giving of itself freely.

4. Right – Sociability is shown by large writing.  Those of a shier nature will normally write smaller and focus better.  Those with big letters enjoy people very much and are often a bit more distractable.  Think of a camera with an adjustable lens: the smaller the focus the more detail you can see, and the larger the focus the more space and breadth.  It’s a lot like that with handwriting and with people.

5. Left – You can tell an impatient  person when their writing looks like they scrawled it in as little time as possible. This is also a sign of very quick thinking much of the time.  Those whose writing looks slower are probably more methodical thinkers who take time to think about each letter.

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Moody Strokes



You probably know a lot more about handwriting analysis than you think.  Glance at the samples below and see if you can correctly answer the questions in this quiz.  Answers and explanations will be revealed tomorrow, so think now and do your best!

1. Who is feeling more optimistic, left or right?

2. Which signature shows more confidence, left or right?

3. Who is feeling more generous, left or right?

4. Who is feeling more social, left or right?

5. Who is more impatient at the moment, left or right?

Have fun!

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