You probably know a lot more about handwriting analysis than you think.  Glance at the samples below and see if you can correctly answer the questions in this quiz.  Answers and explanations will be revealed tomorrow, so think now and do your best!

1. Who is feeling more optimistic, left or right?

2. Which signature shows more confidence, left or right?

3. Who is feeling more generous, left or right?

4. Who is feeling more social, left or right?

5. Who is more impatient at the moment, left or right?

Have fun!

All the best,




5 thoughts on “Quiz!

  1. Mums says:

    In sample #2 Alison Bradley.
    The ‘y’ in Bradley is straight down,
    no going back up, no loop, just straight down.
    Does that mean anything?
    Thank you.

    • Allie B. says:

      Sorry that I’ve taken so long to reply! In answer to your question about the straight-down y-stem with no loop…in print (as used above), this is usually not a tell-tale sign of anything major, but when someone has this trait in cursive writing, it is a sign of independence, self-sufficiency, and the need for “alone-time.”
      Hope that helps!
      All the best,

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