Five Handwriting Traits – Quiz Answers!

So, yesterday I posted a short handwriting analysis quiz, and you may have found that you knew more about this science than you thought!  Many of the traits found in a person’s writing make a lot of sense and aren’t that hard to get your mind around.  For example, here are the answers from yesterday:

1. Left – Optimism is shown by writing that slants upward. This makes sense because when we describe the state of happiness we often use words and phrases that express “up-ness” such as “high-spirited”, “floating”, “jumping with joy”, “in 7th heaven” or “flying”.  On the flip side, pessimism or depression is described as “feeling down in the dumps” and similar phrases.  It’s only natural that our handwriting mirrors our mental or emotional state.

2. Right – Large capital letters (especially in your signature) show confidence.  Again, having your letters reach ‘high’ is often indicative of high self-esteem, whereas small or even lower-case initials usually indicate someone with suffering self-respect.  Make sure to look at the rest of the writing to back this up though.  Signatures are our “badge to the world” and do not always reveal our true selves.

3. Right – Extended and slightly upward strokes at the ends of words equal a generous nature.  Think of the left ‘e’ in the picture as a hand grasping things toward itself.  The right-hand ‘e’, however, looks like a hand reaching out and giving of itself freely.

4. Right – Sociability is shown by large writing.  Those of a shier nature will normally write smaller and focus better.  Those with big letters enjoy people very much and are often a bit more distractable.  Think of a camera with an adjustable lens: the smaller the focus the more detail you can see, and the larger the focus the more space and breadth.  It’s a lot like that with handwriting and with people.

5. Left – You can tell an impatient  person when their writing looks like they scrawled it in as little time as possible. This is also a sign of very quick thinking much of the time.  Those whose writing looks slower are probably more methodical thinkers who take time to think about each letter.

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