Handwriting Analysis Quiz #2

How do you know if someone is feeling guilty or needs to hide something?  Can you tell if they’re irritable or not?  Are they stubborn and unmovable?  Handwriting tells all!  Try to spot these traits and a couple of others in the quiz below.  Comment with your answers, and I’ll reveal the right ones soon.  Chances are, you’ll get them all correct!  Just use common sense, and you’ll be good.

1. Who is feeling guilty and needs to hide something from public knowledge, left or right?

2. Who is more irritated at the moment, left or right?

3. Which ‘Jim’ doesn’t like himself, left or right?

4. Who is more open-minded or a better listener, left or right?

5. Who is more stubborn and won’t budge, left or right?

Good luck!  Check back shortly for answers and explanations.

All the best,




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