Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

Reminder!  Next Saturday, January 15 is the first of eight Handwriting Analysis classes at my home.  This introductory class is packed full of traits you’ll learn to know and recognize in any handwriting you come across.  Specific strokes give you insight into the elements of someone’s character such as:









and many more!

This is only a tiny percentage of what handwriting reveals.  The more handwriting I see, the more I am amazed at the intricacy of God’s creation, especially in our brains and bodies.  In fact, He has made it so that not only does our handwriting mirror our brain, we also have the ability to reverse the process: when we change specific traits in our handwriting, our brains physically change as these habits are formed!  Simply incredible.  The act of forming new and better handwriting habits to clear out fears & defenses from our personality is called Graphotherapy, which we will also cover in the introductory class next Saturday.

Remember, each class easily stands alone, so you can attend one, two, three, or all eight and get a great education in this fascinating science.  The first class is discounted!  E-mail me at to reserve your spot for next week.  Here is the original post with the topics for each of the eight classes, as well as times and prices: Handwriting Analysis Classes.

All the best,




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