5 More Handwriting Analysis Traits – Answers to Quiz #2

I hope you took the time to think through the questions on Quiz #2 here.  Below are the samples presented again, and the answers!  Five more handwriting analysis tips to help you understand yourself and others more fully.

1. Question:Who is feeling guilty and needs to hide something from public knowledge, left or right?

Answer: Right.  Those who feel guilty about a past action (or actions) will often “cover” their words or even their name by an ending stroke that swoops up and over, ending in a left-ward direction.  Some call this the “Catholic Stroke” since much of the time those who grew up in Catholicism retain strong feelings of guilt that shows up in their handwriting.

2. Question: Who is more irritated at the moment, left or right?

Answer: Left.  Those who are irritated at the moment or just have an irritable nature will often substitute small slashes in place of normal ‘i’ dots.  This is actually a very common trait – relax, everyone! :)

3. Question: Which ‘Jim’ doesn’t like himself, left or right?

Answer: Right.  Watch out for those who cross out their own name.  This is a sign of self-dislike and a warning of possible self-destruction of various forms.

4. Question: Who is more open-minded or a better listener, left or right?

Answer: Left.  When the middle zone letters such as ‘e’, ‘o’, and ‘a’ are open and rounded, you’ve got someone who listens well and is open to others’ opinions.  When these letters (especially ‘e’s) are instead retraced and completely closed, you may have a selective listener on your hands!

5. Question: Who is more stubborn and won’t budge, left or right?

Answer: Left. This was the least easy one to figure out by sight, but probably many of you guessed it anyway.  Stubbornness is a defense mechanism that shows up in handwriting when ‘d’s and/or ‘t’s look like upside-down ‘v’s.  These letters in the left-hand sample are braced, like someone standing with their legs spread in defiance.  Watch for this trait – it’s often very difficult to get this person to change his mind once it’s made up!  I would know…still working on eliminating it from my own handwriting. :)

Hope you enjoyed Quiz #2!  Let me know how you fared.

All the best,


PS – Have you taken Quiz #1?  Click here.


4 thoughts on “5 More Handwriting Analysis Traits – Answers to Quiz #2

  1. wisdomovertime says:

    Interesting! A former therapist that I had, committed insurance fraud, and consistently signed his last name ending in an r” with a swoop in a leftward direction over his name…the swoop stopped when it encountered the “d” in the middle of his last name. I noticed this on my psych notes that I had obtained through an FOIA request after a complaint to the State Licensing Agency. It’s interesting that it appeared in the notes consistently, as one of my “allegations” on the filing of a second complaint was that the the therapist falsified and provided completely innaccurate information in my notes that went to the Licensing Agency.
    This could be very useful in “therapist said/client said “cases in which it is very difficult for a client to prove that something was very wrong with the therapy provided or the therapist involved as all happens behind closed doors, with no witnesses.

    (btw.. he was not a catholic…)

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Just Asking says:

    Dear Allie,

    With the economy the way it is, I sometimes ponder turning to a life of crime. (Just to be clear, nothing where I’d have to scare people—that’s a must.)

    I’d like to find a forensic consultant who could retro-engineer from my handwriting to tell me what would be the most promising underworld career path for me. Especially, I would like to know what modus operandi would give me the better chance of not getting caught.

    Should I go WITH the direction of my graphological personality (where I think I’d have the better aptitude) or AGAINST it (where somebody of my character would be least suspected)?

    Any help you can give me with this thorny question would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,
    I’d Like My Left Hand to Know What My Right Hand Is Doing :-)

  3. Just Asking says:

    P.S. My ideal would be to embezzle (successfully) from an evil corporation, move the funds to an off-shore account, and then turn whistle blower. But is this realistic?

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