General Behavior: Clues to Emotional Expressiveness, Sociability & Decision-making

This Saturday, January 29, is the second in a series of Handwriting Analysis classes hosted and taught by yours truly!  Remember, each class easily stands on its own, so you can come to one, two…or all!  In any event, you’ll get valuable information that will enable you to understand yourself and others and communicate effectively with all types of people.

This week’s class is specifically on slant, size and weight of writing.  These elements enable analysts to determine important and fundamental things about the person holding the pen.  Things such as how expressive they are with their emotions, whether or not they are affectionate, how impetuous they are, how well they sympathize with others, etc.  Furthermore, we can tell if this person is social or prefers to be alone, or a little of both.  And this is only the beginning!

After learning how to discover the above traits, we’ll apply our knowledge to attendees’ handwriting (if they wish; no one’s forcing anyone to show their writing :)) and to the handwriting of such figures as Elvis Presley, Emily Dickinson & J.K. Rowling.

Class is in Moscow, ID, 12:00-2:00pm this coming Saturday, and the cost is $19.  Please consider joining us!  Email to save your spot.

All the best,


P.S. Click here to see the full schedule of classes and topics from now until April.

P.P.S. Attendees of any class receive coupons for substantial discounts on five different types of analyses!


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