Charles Dickens – Test Your Handwriting Analysis Skills!

Dear readers,

If you’ve read my posts on Handwriting Analysis of Well-Known Figures (click to read them), then you’ll probably be able to remember several letter strokes that give you clues to someone’s personality.  For example, Hitler’s downward-pointing and sharp t-bars gave away his domineering nature (read about Hitler’s handwriting here).  Jane Austen’s argumentative side was revealed in her high-reaching p’s (read about Austen’s handwriting here).  We also found out about J.K. Rowling’s independence and need for alone-time  in her straight y-stems (read about Rowling’s handwriting here).  Most likely you remember a lot more!  So…here is your chance to test your skills and let me know what traits you see in Charles Dickens’ handwriting.  Comment with your thoughts (even if it’s just one trait), and I’ll post again soon with a full analysis.  Good luck!

All the best,



3 thoughts on “Charles Dickens – Test Your Handwriting Analysis Skills!

  1. Leila says:

    Hi Allie, I can see a backward curving d stem and I think that indicates looking into the past. I enjoyed the excerpts and hope I catch your analysis.

  2. Alan says:

    First. he has overdeveloped UZ, which means he is a idealist with intelligent and ambition. he is very critical of himself and others. find little joy in life.
    Second, he has a small MZ, he is independent, genius, can focus on something a long period of time alone.
    Third, his writing is slanted to the right, which mean is a futrure and goal-oriented person and friendly
    Forth, this writer is not really a social person
    Fifth, he is a ethical person based on his pronoun I
    Sixth, ha has high goals.

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