Personality Analysis of Bruce Lee’s Handwriting

Martial arts actor Bruce Lee makes it clear in this sample, entitled “My Definite Chief Aim”, that he knows what he wants out of his life, and he’s ready to go make it happen!  Read it and see for yourself.  Then take a look at some of the specific handwriting traits that I’ve highlighted below for insight into his personality.  His personality traits seem to lend themselves to Bruce Lee’s ability to reach his goals.

Bruce Lee is driven in part by a strong desire for attention.  When a person’s handwriting forms upward strokes pointing to the top of the page at the ends of words, we know that they like to stand out from the crowd.  They want to be recognized for their achievements and will be drawn to roles and vocations that fulfill this need.  For example, see “Aim” (the last word of the title).  This happens throughout the writing.

Lee has very long ‘y’s and ‘g’s which indicate physical drive and energy.  This trait is very positive, as it shows that Lee has the drive and energy it takes to get what he’s shooting for.  He probably has a difficult time sitting still for too long.  For example, see “quality” in the 6th line where both the ‘q’ and the ‘y’ are exceptionally long, compared with the other zones of his writing.

Draw your attention to the smooth figure-eight forms of his ‘g’s.  This is a sign of fluidity in either (or both) thought or movement.  This trait is not only common among writers and speakers, but also among dancers and others with vocations wherein skill of movement is involved.  For example, see “exciting” in the 4th line.

Lee’s thinking style is cumulative, which means that he prefers to learn new things thoroughly and systematically, layer upon layer.  This type of learning process lends itself well to structured training.  He takes his time to master each new idea or skill before feeling comfortable enough to move on to the next.  Cumulative thinking is indicated by rounded (as opposed to pointy or retraced) ‘m’ and ‘n’ tops.  For example, see the ‘m’s and ‘n’s in the title.

Bruce Lee enjoys a good debate or argument, and it’s likely that he may even pick fights just for the fun of it.  His unusually high-reaching ‘p’-stems indicate that he has a somewhat argumentative nature, with a tendency to take the opposing view just because he can.  For example, see “happiness” in the last line.

One of Lee’s best traits is his high self-esteem, indicated by the placement of his ‘t’-bars near or at the top of the stems.  Those with this trait have healthy self-respect.  They are willing to take calculated risks when it comes to their goals and refuse to put up with a bad situation for an inordinate amount of time.  They know they can do what they set their mind to, and so they have high standards for themselves.  For example, see the ‘t’-bar in “highest” in the second line.

Another great aspect of Lee’s personality is his optimism, indicated by the upward movement of his signature.  He is forward-thinking and sees the future as full of possibilities.  He believes that tomorrow will be better than today, the future brighter than the past.  This is a very healthy outlook.

For more handwriting analysis of well-known figures, click here.  Thank you for reading – please pass it on!  Let me know what you think by commenting here or on my Facebook page:

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6 thoughts on “Personality Analysis of Bruce Lee’s Handwriting

  1. Penelope Young says:

    Fascinating stuff and I can follow exactly what you are saying. I wondered about his distinctive capital ‘S’? Thank you for sharing your knowledge. His writing does have a lot of energy about it, yet is artistic and almost feminine.

  2. Vinod B Jangam says:

    Very nice analysis & specially admire your method of Reasoning of analysis with the observed trait. Your title traittracks also sounds good.

  3. c.j. Ng says:

    Hi Allie,

    Tks for your analysis. I learnt a lot from you.

    Here are a few more observations:
    1. The rightward slant of Bruce’s handwriting suggests he’s extroverted, and even sensitive to other people’s opinions about him.
    2. The left and right margins: they seem to get narrower as the writing progresses. Seems like he’s initially conservative, but gets bolder as he gets into the flow.
    3. The t-bar. Besides being way high up, it’s also on the right-hand side, suggesting he’s looking to the future (rather than the past or present)



  4. Marco Lee Kwan Wah says:

    Hello Allie…since you know so much about his handwriting…i was wondering on what kind of style bruce lee’s handwriting was based.? 50-60’s american handwriting? I have been trying to figure out for a very long time how he would have written a capital F? i wasnt able to find any letters or documents where he did. If you have an idea could you let me know? thanks….lee

  5. Cesar Adonai Barba Garcìa says:

    I wonder what it means to make the capital S and B like if they had a tail pointing upwards, can somebody tell me?

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