Personality Analysis of Margaret Thatcher’s Handwriting

Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister from 1979-1990, is an enormously influential political figure, and of course much of her influence stems from her personality.  Here are a few thoughts on her personality based on analysis of her handwriting.

Thatcher’s figure-eight ‘g’s and ‘f’s tell us that she is a very fluid thinker.  This ability enables her to speak well, write well, and overall communicate effectively.  She can move from topic to topic without getting lost.  For example see ‘good’ in the last line.

The most prominent things to me in Thatcher’s handwriting are her mid-air ‘t’-bars.  They rarely touch the actual ‘t’-stem, but seem to be flying away from them out toward the right.  When ‘t’s are crossed only on the right side, this indicates a writer’s tendency to lose his/her temper rather easily.  Stay out of Thatcher’s way when she’s angry!  For example, see… well, every ‘t’-bar.

Also note the length of her ‘t’-bars – they are often quite long.  The length (whether all the way on the right or more centered) shows us that Thatcher is a very enthusiastic woman with some serious drive.  Whatever she cares about she goes after wholeheartedly and with gusto.  This trait also indicates forward thinking.  This is a great stroke to have in your handwriting.  For example, see ‘Thatcher’ in her signature.

Thatcher’s writing slants uphill, which let’s us know that her outlook is optimistic.  She sees the future as bright, and her actions in the present reflect that.  Again, a very positive trait.

The personal pronoun ‘I’ in Thatcher’s writing is a straight line with no loops or flourishes.  This lets us know that she is independent, able to stand on her own two feet without huge amounts of support from family members.  She knows who she is apart from other people, and she acts based on what she personally believes is best.  The large spaces on either side of her ‘I’ further indicate her independence and also her need for personal space.  For example, see ‘I did appreciate it’ in the fourth line.

Lastly (though there is much more to be said!), Thatcher underlines her name, a sign of self-reliance and the ability to lead.  She has confidence in her own abilities, and others naturally feel confident in her as well.  This places her in a position to lead effectively and accomplish basically anything she sets her mind to accomplish.

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4 thoughts on “Personality Analysis of Margaret Thatcher’s Handwriting

    • Judith Stevens says:

      As a handwriting expert myself I can tell you it depends on when this sample was written by Margaret Thatcher.

      Not in the analysis is the following:

      Margaret Thatcher like Ronald Reagan were globalists. Their attack on unions, privatization of the Common Wealth, and off shoring of industry for cheap labor was a ploy for corporate profits. They lived the democratic contract but didn’t want anyone else to have it.

      Greg Palast book talks about Margaret being a “bag lady” of sorts for BP.

      They might have been puppets of the elite since they both ended up with Alzheimers in their later years.

  1. Beniest Yves says:

    Baroness Margaret Thatcher is the best politican an the strongest women in de world, she is the best!!!! a hard worker, very inteligent, and very friendly.
    The greatest Thatcher collector in the world.
    Beniest Yves

  2. vlad says:

    as a handwritng expert i can say that the t bars lenght means she was very agressive and not respecting other s point of view….if the one who made the analysis is a fan of Maggie and just wants to focus on her positive side..than it is another matter….bye

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