Tuesday Trait: Absentmindedness

Barless t’s and dotless i’s are good clues that a writer forgets things and/or is unobservant of details.


Tuesday Trait: Self-Deception

Tuesday Handwriting Analysis Trait: Self-Deception is evident in handwriting when lower-case ‘o’s have loops on the left side, leading into the letter. The larger the loop the larger the self-deceit. This person is not facing something in his or her life. Self-deceived people often have a different view of themselves than others do and may sometimes be described as “living in their own world”.  Thoughts?

Quick anecdote: I used to have this trait fairly regularly before I began changing my handwriting and decided to take it out.  I’d been rid of it for quite a while by the time I traveled to England with a friend last summer.  But as I kept a journal of our activities and impressions, I began noticing self-deception loops in many of my ‘o’s!  I was annoyed that they were all of the sudden coming back after all that time and couldn’t understand why that would be happening.  Finally one day it dawned on me: Chelsea and I had made a decision to completely ignore the fact that we had to go back to reality after all of our gallivanting…we both teach at the same school, and back at home we were awaited by lesson plans and crazy schedules.  We had made a pact to try very hard to avoid talking to each other about school-teaching (as much as we do love it) and focus on our time away.  It was when I remembered this pact (and the significant part of my life that I was choosing to ignore!) that I relaxed and no longer bothered about the loops in my ‘o’s.  Sure enough, they went away as soon as I came back to the States. :)

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