Meet My New Friend, The Enneagram

I’ve been recently introduced to the Enneagram personality typing system, and after no more than a brief and casual acquaintance, I believe we are becoming fast friends.

In a tasty nutshell, here are the types (note that these are not ‘levels’ of any kind where being a 1 is better than being a 9 or other nonsense):

Type 1: Perfectionist; seeks the “right” thing; idealist

Type 2: Helper; seeks to please; wants love

Type 3: Achiever; seeks recognition; wants appreciation

Type 4: Individualist; seeks authenticity; self-conscious

Type 5: Investigator; seeks knowledge; lives in the mind

Type 6: Loyalist; seeks security; anxious

Type 7: Enthusiast; seeks excitement; active mind

Type 8: Challenger; seeks power; energetic

Type 9: Peace-maker; seeks harmony; supportive

Check out the nine types and let me know what you think!  Here’s a great website I’ve bookmarked on the subject:  What type are you??

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One thought on “Meet My New Friend, The Enneagram

  1. Nathan Anderson says:

    Haven’t seen this one before. Just took the online test they link to. Possibly a bit more detailed than Kiersey with more opportunities to mix-‘n-match, but I’m still not clear on the best way to interpret the results or how one is supposed to present them (I’m also still unsure on how the sp/so/sx designations factor in).

    Most likely match: 6w5
    Top 3: 6SP, 1SP, 9SO

    Reading the descriptions over, I can definitely see the overlap between these results and my Kiersey ISFJ designation (with INTJ leanings). Very interesting test; thanks for the heads-up.

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