The Face of J.R.R. Tolkien

Okay, time to analyze the face of another favorite author of mine…this is young J.R.R. “Tollers” Tolkien. A few features I picked up on were these:

Creativity/fruitfulness is indicated by his well-defined philtrum.

Tolkien’s slightly slanted-back forehead (more noticeable in other pictures) shows his tendency toward impatience; also, a good memory.

Personal power is shown in Tolkien’s high, prominent cheek-bones. This trait also indicates that he is highly sensitive to his environment, perhaps even taking on the moods of people around him unconsciously.

Mental exertion is prominent in the lines formed between Tolkien’s eyebrows.

Speaking of his eyebrows, they are thick, which indicates intelligence and constant thinking.

The fact that much of Tolkien’s eyelids are visible even with his eyes open means that he desires closeness and intimacy with certain people; this also means that he can be sensitive, especially to criticism.

Both of Tolkien’s ears have slightly protruding ‘points’ in certain areas around the rim, indicating that he underwent some sort of trauma/significant change around age 3 or so and also around 10-11 or so.

The combination of Tolkien’s low ears and low eyebrows would indicate that he gathers information slowly and yet wants immediate results. This can lead to perfectionism.

Tolkien’s chin is rather prominent, indicating strong willpower.

His leadership ability is seen in his long, straight nose. People with these noses also like to know that they are making a significant difference in their jobs, relationships, etc.



The Face of C.S. Lewis

Recently I’ve enjoyed studying two books on Face Reading, and then this morning I finished Lewis’ The Four Loves, which I hadn’t read in four or five years, so I thought I’d analyze his face for personality traits this morning…













His high forehead indicates philosophical thinking and interest in the mental aspects of life.

His full eyebrows mean developed intellect and constant thinking.

The bags under his eyes indicate intense experiences of grief.

His lower lip is larger than his upper lip, which means that he’s more likely to express information and/or counsel than be expressive of his feelings or personal life.

His large ears mean that he is receptive, kind and generous, always willing to listen.

His rounded chin means he’s compassionate and concerned for people.