The Face of C.S. Lewis

Recently I’ve enjoyed studying two books on Face Reading, and then this morning I finished Lewis’ The Four Loves, which I hadn’t read in four or five years, so I thought I’d analyze his face for personality traits this morning…













His high forehead indicates philosophical thinking and interest in the mental aspects of life.

His full eyebrows mean developed intellect and constant thinking.

The bags under his eyes indicate intense experiences of grief.

His lower lip is larger than his upper lip, which means that he’s more likely to express information and/or counsel than be expressive of his feelings or personal life.

His large ears mean that he is receptive, kind and generous, always willing to listen.

His rounded chin means he’s compassionate and concerned for people.


3 thoughts on “The Face of C.S. Lewis

    • Allie B. says:

      Sure! For handwriting analysis, I’d recommend “Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You” by Andrea McNichol and any of the handwriting analysis courses by Bart Baggett. For face reading, I’ve read “The Wisdom of Your Face” by Jean Haner and “Amazing Face Reading” by Mac Fulfer. I’m glad you enjoy my posts! Hopefully, I’ll be posting more often…I’ve been pretty absent lately due to planning for and having a wedding! :)

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