Keeping the Reins Taut

“How, then, are people to behave at home? If a man can’t be comfortable and unguarded, can’t take his ease and ‘be himself’ in his own house, where can he? That is, I confess, the the trouble.  The answer is an alarming one.  There is nowhere this side of heaven where one can safely lay the reins on the horse’s neck.  It will never be lawful simply to ‘be ourselves’ until ‘ourselves’ have becomes sons of God.”

~ C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock 286


Preoccupations of the 9 Types

A while back I mentioned that I was just getting into the Enneagram personality typing tool… since then, I’ve been kind of enraptured by it, I have to say! Its applicability, depth and accuracy blow me away, and I LOVE talking about it. Problem is, I forget to actually *write* about it. So today, since I’m short on time, I’m gonna cheat and steal quotes from a fun introductory book I bought this summer called “The Enneagram Made Easy” by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele. As a part of each chapter, they include a cartoon where the person of a particular type is surrounded by thought bubbles containing common preoccupations/questions specific to his/her type. The people I’ve shown the book to find these cartoons very helpful in identifying themselves as one of the types. So, here they are:

Type 1: “The Perfectionist”
‘Am I dressed properly?’
‘I should have checked the figures one more time.’
‘I could use some help but nobody can do it as well as I can.’
‘I should have run the meeting more fairly.’

Type 2: “The Helper”
‘Did I take too much attention for myself?’
‘My advice will really help him out!’
‘I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings.’
‘How can I get her to like me?’

Type 3: “The Achiever”
‘That guy did a good job, but I can do it better!’
‘I certainly hope I make a good impression.’
‘Why doesn’t EVERYONE work as hard as I do?’
‘I wish I hadn’t taken on those ten extra projects.’

Type 4: “The Romantic”
‘Searching, longing, grieving…’
‘I want to create something meaningful, deep, and unique!’
‘What’s it all for anyway?’
‘No one REALLY understands me.’
‘Why did I say the wrong thing again?’
‘When is my REAL life going to begin?’

Type 5: “The Observer”
‘How can I get out of my birthday party?’
‘How can I get out of the meeting?’
‘How can I get out of the family reunion?’
‘I’m going to give him a piece of my MIND…as soon as I can figure out the perfect way to say it.’

Type 6: “The Questioner”
‘Was I talking too much?’
‘Do I fit in?’
‘What are they thinking?’
‘Am I ready for every emergency?’
‘Why did I say THAT?’
‘Why did SHE say that?’
‘What am I supposed to do?’
‘Will he take advantage of me?’
‘What if I don’t like it?’

Type 7: “The Adventurer”
‘I wish people would take better care of this wonderful planet!’
‘I can’t BEGIN to count the fun things I want to do!’
‘I’ll go, go, go as long as my body will take me!’
‘We have to keep our options open!’

Type 8: “The Asserter”
‘I don’t have to put up with this if I don’t want to!’
‘I hate to see Patty let people walk all over her!’
‘I’ll show him who’s really in charge!’
‘Why doesn’t she stand on her own two feet?’

Type 9: “The Peacemaker”
‘My taxes are due tomorrow. I’ll do them after I clean my desk.’
‘I’ll agree with whatever he says – but I’ll do what I want.’
‘Why do people get so worked up about things?’
‘The more she nags, the longer I’ll drag.’

Hope you enjoyed!

All the best,