Preoccupations of the 9 Types

A while back I mentioned that I was just getting into the Enneagram personality typing tool… since then, I’ve been kind of enraptured by it, I have to say! Its applicability, depth and accuracy blow me away, and I LOVE talking about it. Problem is, I forget to actually *write* about it. So today, since I’m short on time, I’m gonna cheat and steal quotes from a fun introductory book I bought this summer called “The Enneagram Made Easy” by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele. As a part of each chapter, they include a cartoon where the person of a particular type is surrounded by thought bubbles containing common preoccupations/questions specific to his/her type. The people I’ve shown the book to find these cartoons very helpful in identifying themselves as one of the types. So, here they are:

Type 1: “The Perfectionist”
‘Am I dressed properly?’
‘I should have checked the figures one more time.’
‘I could use some help but nobody can do it as well as I can.’
‘I should have run the meeting more fairly.’

Type 2: “The Helper”
‘Did I take too much attention for myself?’
‘My advice will really help him out!’
‘I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings.’
‘How can I get her to like me?’

Type 3: “The Achiever”
‘That guy did a good job, but I can do it better!’
‘I certainly hope I make a good impression.’
‘Why doesn’t EVERYONE work as hard as I do?’
‘I wish I hadn’t taken on those ten extra projects.’

Type 4: “The Romantic”
‘Searching, longing, grieving…’
‘I want to create something meaningful, deep, and unique!’
‘What’s it all for anyway?’
‘No one REALLY understands me.’
‘Why did I say the wrong thing again?’
‘When is my REAL life going to begin?’

Type 5: “The Observer”
‘How can I get out of my birthday party?’
‘How can I get out of the meeting?’
‘How can I get out of the family reunion?’
‘I’m going to give him a piece of my MIND…as soon as I can figure out the perfect way to say it.’

Type 6: “The Questioner”
‘Was I talking too much?’
‘Do I fit in?’
‘What are they thinking?’
‘Am I ready for every emergency?’
‘Why did I say THAT?’
‘Why did SHE say that?’
‘What am I supposed to do?’
‘Will he take advantage of me?’
‘What if I don’t like it?’

Type 7: “The Adventurer”
‘I wish people would take better care of this wonderful planet!’
‘I can’t BEGIN to count the fun things I want to do!’
‘I’ll go, go, go as long as my body will take me!’
‘We have to keep our options open!’

Type 8: “The Asserter”
‘I don’t have to put up with this if I don’t want to!’
‘I hate to see Patty let people walk all over her!’
‘I’ll show him who’s really in charge!’
‘Why doesn’t she stand on her own two feet?’

Type 9: “The Peacemaker”
‘My taxes are due tomorrow. I’ll do them after I clean my desk.’
‘I’ll agree with whatever he says – but I’ll do what I want.’
‘Why do people get so worked up about things?’
‘The more she nags, the longer I’ll drag.’

Hope you enjoyed!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Preoccupations of the 9 Types

    • Allie B. says:

      Interesting! Actually, I’m sure you’re right because in many cases, you are highly affected by one of your “wings” which are the two types on either side of yours. For example, if you’re a One (Perfectionist), you might be a One with a Nine (Peacemaker) wing, which would look a little different than, say, a One with a stronger Two wing. In Enneagram books and articles, you’d see it written as 1w9 or 9w1, etc.

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