On Being Tired

I’m super tired.  I know that several of you that sometimes read here are moms of a plethora of offspring, and you might be saying to yourselves, “Allie, tired? Who does she think she is to be tired when she’s only got a husband to take care of!”  It’s true.  I probably don’t even know he half of it.  But…teaching/singing pretty much straight from 8:30am-9:15pm takes it toll, and I’m very ready for bed (after some lesson planning and gathering the laundry piles for tomorrow morning).  Here’s to hoping that God’s training me to be able to handle it when I do have good reason to be tired. :-)

Anyway, it was getting to the point today (and several days lately) where I’ve thought, “Do I even have any more to give?  No, pretty sure I don’t.”  And each time I think that, I try remind myself of this challenging but encouraging post by a friend (click here to read).  She says that when you need, give.  It’s simple.  But oh-so hard.

A little while back I was reading a couple of the accounts in the gospels where Jesus has His disciples feed several thousand people at a time.  His disciples show him the couple of loaves and few fish available to them, hoping to demonstrate the impracticality/impossibility of accomplishing a successful mealtime for that many people.  But Jesus basically says, “Just start handing it out.  I’ll deal with the outcome.”

These passages are an encouragement to me in that what God tells me to do is give, give, give until I have no more to give.  And then He tells me, “Give more.   Yes, I can see that you have very little energy, and there are many activities/tasks/people who need to be filled with what little you have.  But you just start handing it out, and I will work miracles with it.”  And lo, it multiplies. :-) But that’s the thing – if I don’t start handing it out, if I think, “There is no more.  I’m stopping here and reserving any little bit I might have left,” then there’s no hope of multiplication.

So we must give, even when we need.  Especially when we need.  And God will work miracles.


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