Enneagram Type 7: “The Adventurer”

Below is a ‘checklist’ of sorts to determine whether or not you could possibly be a Type Seven in the Enneagram of 9 Personality Types. Seven is the Adventurer (also referred to in other sources as the Epicure, Optimist, Entertainer, Rationalizer). I am again quoting from The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele.  In general, Sevens are “motivated by the need to be happy and plan enjoyable activities, to contribute to the world, and to avoid suffering and pain.” They are described as “fun-loving, spontaneous, imaginative, productive, enthusiastic, quick, confident, charming, curious” at their best. They can also be “narcissistic, impulsive, unfocused, rebellious, undisciplined, possessive, manic, self-destructive, restless” at their worst.

The most common types Myers-Briggs types for Type 7 are ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ENTP, and ENFP.  Slightly less common are ESTJ, ISFP, and ENFJ.

Consider these statements in regard to your own personality, especially as you would have related to them before age 25 or so. Or if you’re not a Seven, you may recognize someone you know in here!

1. I enjoy life.  I am generally uninhibited and optimistic.

2. I don’t like being made to feel obligated or beholden.

3. I am busy and energetic.  I seldom get bored if left to do what I want.

4. I often take verbal or physical risks.

5. I usually pick upbeat friends who have similar goals.

6. I’m not an expert in any one thing, but I can do many things well.

7. My style is to go back and forth from one task to another.  I like to keep moving.

8. I seem to let go of grievances and recover from loss faster than most people I know.

9. I like myself and I’m good to myself.

10. I like people, and they usually like me.

11. I usually manage to get what I want.

12. I value quick wit.

13. I am idealistic.  I want to contribute something to the world.

14. I vacillate between feeling committed and wanting my freedom and independence.

15. I am often at ease in groups.

16. When people are unhappy, I usually try to get them to lighten up and see the bright side.

17. I love excitement and travel.

18. Sometimes I feel inferior and sometimes I feel superior to others.

19. I usually say whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

20. I can make great sacrifices to help people.

Are you a Seven? Do you know a Seven? Let me know!  I happen to be married to one. :-)


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